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Enroll in a Class in July, Get a Play Sand Gift

A girl smiles before images of play sand.

Enroll your child for an in-person class in July get a Play Sand Gift! Play Sand is fun! It feels cool or wet, but it isn’t. I know, crazy! It doesn’t dry out and can be sculpted, shaped and played with without making a big mess. Each container comes with a random ocean themed toy for shaping the sand to your delight.

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60 Second Flip Out: Cartwheel Challenge

Girl doing cartwheels in sand on the beach

Anyone who can do a cartwheel is invited to participate in our Cartwheel Challenge, and the one who does the most cartwheels wins! Find a large open area, have a family member or friend film your attempt, and cartwheel away. To participate in the challenge, post your entry on Facebook or Instagram with our official…

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