trampoline & Tumbling

Boys & Girls Trampoline & Tumbling Class

Pacific West’s Trampoline & Tumbling class is designed for those students aspiring to improve their basic tumbling skills for cheerleading, martial arts or for those who simply love to twist and flip in a fun filled environment. No experience required, just a desire to try something new and fun!


Trampoline & Tumbling

Boys and Girls enrolled in our Trampoline & Tumbling class will be exposed to basic tumbling skills. Your child will work towards accomplishing a variety of acrobatic skills that are perfect for cheerleading, martial arts or fun!

Locations: Fremont and Union City
Age: 6 years and older
Class length: 55 min
Monthly class fee:

  • Attend 1x per week: $112.50
  • Attend 2x per week, save 10%: $213.75