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Boys & Girls Tumbling Class

Pacific West’s Yellow (Tumbling) class is designed for those students aspiring to improve their basic tumbling skills for cheerleading, martial arts or for those who simply love to twist and flip in a fun-filled environment. No experience required, just a desire to try something new and fun!

Enroll your child in two classes and save 10%!


Yellow (Tumbling)

Boys and Girls enrolled in our Yellow (Tumbling) class will be exposed to basic tumbling skills. Your child will work towards accomplishing a variety of acrobatic skills that are perfect for cheerleading, martial arts or fun!

Locations: Fremont and Union City
Age: 6 years and older
Class length: 50 min
Monthly class fee:

  • Attend 1x per week: $117.50
  • Attend 2x per week, save 10%: $223.25

Yellow (Tumbling) students save 10% when they also enroll in Girls Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, or Dance Classes.