Competitive Program Coaches


Kelsey Witten

Title: Competitive Team Director

Events: Compulsory Bars, Level 6-10 Vault and Bars, TOPs

Education: University of Oklahoma, Master of Education in Athletic Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Minor in Sociology

Gymnastics Credentials: Former level 9 gymnast, 10 years coaching experience, Level 9 Judging Rating, W300 and Safety Certified

Favorite thing about gymnastics: Working tirelessly on the little details and seeing them together in a beautifully executed routine.

Favorite thing about coaching: Teaching life through gymnastics- perseverance, self-discipline and gratitude.

Favorite quote:

Ignore the boos, they usually come from the cheap seats.


Hanako Miura

Title: Optional Coach

Events: Level 6-10 Beam and Floor

Education/Degree: Asia University - International relations

Gymnastics Credentials: Former Olympian competing for Japan- Barcelona 92' and Atlanta 96’. 5x World Championships, Asian Games – 2nd place team. 10 years on national team.

Favorite thing about gymnastics: Seeing beautiful gymnastics.

Favorite thing about coaching: Sharing my experiences/thoughts/knowledge and so on as a gymnast (including their future /gymnastics/life as well)

Favorite quote:

There is no shortcut to glory.


Tanya Lynch

Title: Xcel Program Director, Recreation Director, Compulsory Coach

Events: Xcel floor and bars, compulsory vault

Education/Degree: AA Medical Assisting

Gymnastics Credentials: class 2 gymnast, 15 + years coaching , w300 and safety certified.

Favorite thing about gymnastics: Watching the girls grow as individuals and as gymnasts.

Favorite thing about coaching: Helping the girls achieve their goals.

Favorite quote:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.


Teri BetGeorge

Title: Team Coach, Developmental Director

Events: Compulsory Beam and Floor, TOPs

Education/Degree: CSU East Bay, Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Gymnastics Credentials: Level 4/5 Judging Rating, W300, Safe Sport, and Safety Certified

Favorite thing about gymnastics: How beautiful and mesmerizing gymnastics can be.

Favorite thing about coaching: Being able to inspire the girls to work hard and succeed.

Favorite quote:

Do or do not. There is no try.
– Yoda


Shelby Matsuoka

Title: Competitive Team and Developmental Coach

Events: Level 3 Bars and Vault, Level 4 Bars assistant, Level 7 Vault, Shining Stars (Developmental Team), Silver Stars (Developmental Team), Developmental TOPS

Education/Degree: University of California, Davis ; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Gymnastics Credentials: Former level 9/training 10 gymnast, competed Varsity Elite for Irvington High School, competed in NAIGC for UC Davis, first year coaching competitive team, Safety Certified

Favorite thing about gymnastics: It is one of the few sports that is both a team sport and an individual sport. Plus, flipping is super fun!

Favorite thing about coaching: Sharing my love and enthusiasm for the sport with future generations.

Favorite quote:

Your attitude determines your direction.


Jordan Ratcliff

Title: Developmental and Xcel team coach

Events: Vault and Beam

Education/Degree: Studied Linguistics at California State University Fullerton

Gymnastics Credentials: Former level 10 gymnast. Coaching for 4 years. Safety certified.

Favorite thing about gymnastics: Learning life lessons you can't learn anywhere else.

Favorite thing about coaching: Seeing the results of hard work and dedication.

Favorite quote:

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.


Dacia Gonzalez

Title: Xcel Team Coach

Events: All events

Education/Degree: Majoring in Biology with a Minor in psychology

Gymnastics Credentials: Former Gymnast (Level 5 and Xcel Gold) with 8 years coaching experience. USAG safety certified.

Favorite thing about gymnastics: Everything you learn in gymnastics can be carried with you for the rest of your life. If you take your practice seriously and apply the perseverance, dedication, and work ethic to school, your job, and other areas of life you will succeed at life as well as gymnastics.

Favorite thing about coaching: Helping young gymnasts become the best athlete they can be!

Favorite quote:

Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.


Camille Paradis

Title: Excel Coach

Gymnastics Credentials: Gymnast for 10 years, Coach for 3 years

Favorite thing about gymnastics: I love how passionate girls are about it.

Favorite thing about coaching: I love helping girls become the best they can be.

Favorite quote:

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

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