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Pacific West Gymnastics Newsletter April 2020

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Delivered: April 2020
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Subjects: New Online Kids Programs, New Online Team Program

New Online Kids Programs, Pacific West Gymnastics VIP Package

Beginning in April, your enrollment with Pacific West Gymnastics will be converted to the Pacific West VIP Package, including: exercise videos, at-home lessons, arts & crafts, science experiments, virtual field trips story times, homeschooling resources and more!

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New Online Team Program, Pacific West Team Package

Due to the California statewide shelter in place, our previously announced temporary hold on team workouts and events has now been extended. Pacific West team coaches are committed to providing quality instruction and resources for our team families during this difficult time.

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Event Calendar

All events and competitions for the month of April are currently on hold. We will be updating our calendar when our state Shelter in Place is lifted. In the meantime, check out our VIP Package and Team Package for online classes, exercises, fun learning, games and more. There are also a lot of online resources and events provided by our partner Macaroni kids–events and links are listed below.

Seasonal Camps

Camp schedules are tentative, please stay tuned for updates.

  • Summer Camp
    • Union City, June 5-Aug 28
    • Fremont, June 10-Aug 28

Our Seasonal & Summer Camps are fun filled with high energy and structured activities, including–gymnastics, arts and crafts, group games and more!

For locations and details, visit

News & Events Around Town

News & Events around town is brought you by Macaroni Kid Fremont.

Recent Blog & Social Media Highlights

We often announce competition results, special events and news on our website and social media. Links are below. Pictured – Final day of our Virtual Spirit Week (Facebook)

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