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Important Announcement – Pacific West VIP Package!

Dear Pacific West Gymnastics Families,

Due to the California statewide shelter in place, our previously announced temporary hold on classes and events has now been extended.  Pacific West Gymnastics is committed to providing quality instruction and resources for our families during this difficult time.

This is my promise to you, your children, Pacific West Gymnastics staff, and our extended community at large – we will weather this storm together and prevail.  I have trimmed every non-essential expense from our operating budget while continuing to service the essentials like rent, utilities and insurance.

Your support can help Pacific West Gymnastics significantly.

Beginning in April, your enrollment with Pacific West Gymnastics will be converted to the Pacific West VIP Package!  Read below to see what’s included.

Pacific West VIP Package!

  • Exercise videos and at-home workouts with some of your favorite coaches posted to our exclusive Pacific West VIP Facebook group throughout the week.
  • Themed arts & craft activities, science experiments, virtual field trips, and storytimes.  Plus, homeschooling resources, community information and more.
  • 25% off every purchase in The Vault Pro-Shop through December 31, 2020.
  • Two make-up classes credited to your Pacific West account, to be redeemed upon your child’s return, with no expiration date.

While California’s statewide shelter in place is in effect, the Pacific West VIP Package! will be offered at $50 per month and will be auto-billed commencing April 1st using your card information on file.  Tuition billing will resume when Pacific West Gymnastics is permitted to open for business and will be pro-rated.  Your child’s spot in his/her favorite coach’s class will be secure.

Should you wish to opt-out of the Pacific West VIP Package! your account will be placed on hold.

Pacific West Account on Hold

  • You may opt-out of the Pacific West VIP Package! and have your enrollment paused at no charge.  While your account is paused tuition fees will not be billed and make-up classes will not accrue.  Tuition billing will resume when Pacific West Gymnastics is permitted to open for business and will be pro-rated. Your child’s spot in his/her favorite coach’s class will be secure.

To opt-out of the Pacific West VIP Package! and have your account placed on hold, please complete the opt-out form on our website.

Office staff will be remotely available to answer any questions that you may have.

I appreciate your continued support during this difficult time.

Thank you,

Evelyn Paradis
Pacific West Gymnastics

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