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101 Free (or Nearly Free) Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

101 Things to Beat Summer Boredom

Never hear the words, “I’m bored,” from your gymnast again; at least not for the summer!  Have some old-fashion fun, for free (or nearly free)!

1. Have a cartwheel contest
2. Meet 10 new people this summer (keep track – stay in touch)
3. Have a water balloon fight
4. Dance (anywhere)
5. Swim
6. Karaoke with friends (no mic required – use the radio and make it a contest)
7. Do a phone photo shoot with friends (selfies welcome)
8. Climb a tree
9. Star-gaze
10. Go hiking
11. Go on a bug hunt (don’t be scared)
12. Compliment a stranger (with your parents around of course – otherwise, don’t talk to strangers)
13. Have a BBQ and invite the neighbors
14. Go rock climbing (indoors or outdoors)
15. Speak ‘pig-latin’ all day
16. Bake cookies (or cake if you prefer)
17. Have a watermelon eating contest with your brother/sister
18. Play cards and place bets with candy (share the candy when the game is over)
19. Write songs with friends and perform for each other
20. Slip and slide!
21. Build a house of cards
22. Build an epic fort and have a sleepover
23. Have a pillow fight
24. Slide down a hill on cardboard boxes
25. Go outside and have a picnic
26. Play miniature golf in the backyard (dollar store mini-golf set, or get creative)
27. Wash your dogs in your suit out back (play in the water, too)
28. Sing as many Disney movie songs you know (keep count – make it a contest)
29. Play in the sprinklers
30. Play hide-and-go-seek
31. Make lemonade (the kind you have to squeeze)
32. Go to a summer concert in the park or at the mall
33. Roll down a hill
34. Walk backwards all day
35. Play frisbee
36. Start a new hobby/collection
37. Give yourself a make-over or facial
38. Play in the mud (make mud first)
39. Try yoga
40. Make ice cream using frozen fruit
41. Dig for worms
42. Chinese fire drill (get parents’ permission first!! Every time!!)
43. Take at least 2-3 pictures every day this summer; make a scrapbook before school starts
44. Paint a pet rock
45. Paint a pot and plant something in it
46. Make a cook book (binder) and add favorite recipes year-round; save the recipes for your first apartment
47. Have a chocolate milk chugging contest
48. Start a journal
49. Pick flowers (press one in your journal)
50. Draw a sidewalk chalk masterpiece
51. Have a movie marathon (that can take all day if you do it right)
52. Fly a kite
53. Play tag (flashlight tag at night)
54. Leapfrog until you collapse
55. Create a mystery and have your friends solve it
56. Donate your old stuff
57. Count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop (Facebook that info. People have been trying to figure that one out for decades!)
58. Volunteer your time
59. Bury a time capsule somewhere and make sure you’ve kept a map
60. Go Camping (in your backyard)
61. Plan (and have) a family game night
62. Watch a sunrise/sunset
63. Write a letter to your future self
64. Spend a day without electronics
65. Learn how to play an instrument (preferably outside)
66. Build a birdhouse; fill it, and hang it
67. Perform a random act of kindness (everyday!)
68. Wave to everyone you pass, for an entire day
69. Talk using only lines from movies and songs
70. Watch America’s Funniest Home Videos with friends
71. Have a water gun fight
72. Make an emergency kit in a backpack
73. Learn Origami – make paper cranes and leave them at random places all summer
74. Grow a garden; make dinner with your garden veggies
75. Google yourself, your family members, or your friends (it’s not polite to snoop so get permission from your parents first)
76. Watch a moving in another language (I recommend subtitles in your own language)
77. Add sound effects to everything you do for a day
78. Play volleyball or badminton (no net required)
79. Play catch (football, tennis ball, baseball and glove)
80. Build a Lego house (make designer furniture)
81. Do a 1000 piece puzzle
82. Go on a safari/scavenger hunt
83. Have a staring contest
84. Sneak attack someone (or hide behind a corner to scare them)
85. Go bird-watching
86. Make paint splatter art work (use a straw to spread the paint more)
87. Tie-dye a shirt
88. Have a tea party (wear dressy clothes – invite your mom)
89. Make s’mores over your stove (parent supervision please)
90. Set-up makeshift bowling in the backyard (plastic cups and a soccer ball work)
91. Call your grandparents
92. Redecorate your bedroom (yes, you have to clean it first)
93. Learn how to juggle
94. Play sidewalk chalk Hop-Scotch
95. Write a play and perform for your parents (you will need siblings or friends for this one)
96. Color in a coloring book (or print something to color from the internet) hang it in your room or on the refrigerator
97. Walk barefoot in the grass/lay on the grass in the shade of a tree
98. Find a new favorite song
99. Make-up new rules to an old game and try to play it
100. Walk instead of drive somewhere
101. Get a free slushy from 7-11 on July 11th (prepare for a line)

What free or nearly free things will you be trying this Summer?  Comment below and let us know!

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