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5 Fun Flexibility Exercises to do at Home!

Young gymnast stretching

Let’s go over five awesome flexibility exercises that our little gymnasts can do at home. Who said that gymnastics fun is over when class is over? Practice these 5 simple exercises to boost flexibility, helping out your gymnastics abilities!

Don’t forget to warm up with some jumping jacks, arm circles, and roll out your wrists and ankles.

Five Fun Flexibility Exercises, Let’s Go!

1. High Kicks

Kicks can be done flat-footed or on releve (on your toes!). Make sure the leg you are standing on is straight, and kick your opposite leg towards your nose! Try your best to point your toe and keep the leg in the air straight. This exercise is very important for hip flexor and hamstring flexibility, along with helping balance and posture. This is a very important exercise if you want to have your splits!

Try doing 3 sets of 5 kicks on each leg!

2. Butterfly Stretch

To do the butterfly stretch, sit on the floor with the bottoms of your feet together, and your knees close to the ground (Think criss-cross applesauce, but with your feet touching!). You can gently push your knees closer to the ground. This exercise helps with hip and thigh flexibility.

Hold for 30 seconds, then try touching your nose to your toes!

3. Bridge

Lie flat on your back. Place your thumbs right next to your ears, and place your palms on the floor. Bend your legs. Then, push your belly up towards the ceiling! Try to push until your arms and legs are extended, almost straight! To keep your head in the correct place, look at your fingers! Bridges increase flexibility in your back, shoulders, and chest! This is very important for things like back handsprings and back walkovers!

Hold the bridge for 30 seconds, then try lifting your favourite leg in the air!

4. Straddle Stetch

Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Seperate them to make a V, as far as is comfortable! Remember to keep your legs straight, and flat on the ground when doing the straddle stretch! Try stretching by reaching forwards between your legs, reaching to the left by placing your hands on your left ankle, then do the same on the right leg. (For something more challenging, try placing your nose on your knee!) The straddle stretch targets a lot of important muscles in gymnastics, including hamstrings, low back, hip flexors, and thighs!

Hold each side for 15 seconds.

5. Tuck ‘N Rolls

Tuck ‘N Rolls are my favourite stretch of all! It is important to stretch your lower back, especially after gymnastics as your back has done a lot of bending! To do this exercise, sit on the floor in a tuck position, and wrap your arms around your legs. Round your back, and roll backwards then back up again. This will target your low back and use the ground to massage it!

Try rocking back and forth for 30 seconds!

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