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5 Gymnastics Exercises to Do with Your Kids, Fun At-Home Family Workout

Parents and kids exercising together at home and having fun.

Let’s go over five awesome gymnastics exercises that parents can do at home with their kids. Who said the kids get to have all the fun? Practice these 5 simple things to boost flexibility and strength, helping out your kid’s gymnastics abilities! 

Don’t forget to warm up with some jumping jacks, arm circles, and roll out your wrists and ankles.

Five Fun Family Exercises, Let’s Go!

1. Releve Walks

Walking in releve (on your toes!) helps strenthen calf muscles, improve balance, and increase ankle stability. This is important for all sorts of things, like learning how to stay on the beam and improving your running endurance! 

2. High Kicks

Make sure you warm up before this one! Stand up tall and practice your kicks! High kicks help with flexibility in your hamstrings, along with strengthening your core and lower back muscles. It improves balance and coordination in your little ones as well!

3. Superhero Holds

Lie on your belly, put your arms up by your ears, and have straight legs. Try to hold your chest and legs up off the floor, like a super hero! The Superhero hold strengthens your back and neck muscles and improves posture, important for jumping on the trampoline! For an extra trick, try to roll over onto your back into a hollow hold without letting your hands and feet touch the ground! 

4. Make a Table

Sit on your bottom with your legs bent in front of you, and arms straight by your side. Raise your hips up to make a table! Test your balance by waving an arm or a foot! Table’s help strengthen your core and upper back, along with promoting flexibility in your hips. 

5. Scales

A scales looks like making the letter T! Stand on one leg, and stick your opposite leg staright out behind you, then put your arms up next your ears and lower your chest to be parallel to the floor. Scales are amazing for balance and coordination, and they are the building block for all sorts of gymnastics skills, like cartwheels, handstands, and front handsprings! 

Be safe, and don’t forget to have some fun! 

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