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Pacific West Gymnastics Virtual Learning

Pacific West VIP Package! + PWGTV, Featuring 20+ Live, Instructor-Led Classes Per Week

Pacific West Gymnastics Virual Lessons

Pacific West Gymnastics is excited to launch two programs for virtual Gymnastics, Dance, Tae Kwon Do, and Tumbling lessons - Pacific West VIP Package! and Pacific West Gymnastics TV.

Ideal for currently enrolled students, the Pacific West VIP Package! includes an array of membership benefits, such as discounts in the pro-shop and future make-up credits. Plus, all VIP members receive a complimentary subscription to PWGTV, featuring over 20 live, instructor-led classes per week.

Alternatively, subscription to PWGTV is also offered on its own and is the perfect virtual solution for students who are new to classes or returning after a break.

Pacific West VIP Package! + Free PWGTV Subscription

Students enrolled in the Pacific West VIP Package! + Free PWGTV Subscription gain access to exclusive content designed just for our VIP Families.  As a Pacific West VIP Package! member benefits include:

  • PWGTV with unlimited access to 20+ Live Zoom classes per week.  View PWGTV Live Class Schedule
  • Pre-recorded exercise videos and at-home workouts with some of your favorite coaches posted to our exclusive Pacific West VIP Facebook Group throughout the week.
  • Themed arts & craft activities, science experiments, virtual field trips, and storytimes.  Plus, homeschool resources, community information, and more.
  • 25% off every purchase in The Vault Pro-Shop through December 31, 2020.
  • Two make-up classes per month of our closure, credited to your Pacific West account, to be redeemed upon your child's return, with no expiration date.

Monthly enrollment fee:

  • $50

PWGTV Subscription

Students subscribed to PWGTV can attend unlimited age/level appropriate classes per week.  With over 20 classes to choose from and offerings 6 days a week, students can choose from Gymnastics, Dance, Tae Kwon Do, and Tumbling lessons.

Class schedule:  View PWGTV Live Class Schedule

Monthly subscription fee:

  • $50