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Enroll in a Class, Score a Play Sand Gift

Enroll in an in-person gymnastics class this July and build friendships that last! Plus, sign up this month and score a FREE Play Sand Gift!

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Pacific West Gymnastics Newsletter September 2021

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The Pacific West Gymnastics Newsletter

Newsletter September 2021 – Schedule a Free Tour and Get a Goodie, Lunch Ideas to Save the Day, Unlimited Virtual Classes

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Enroll in a Class, Get a Free Goodie

Our gymnasts love our classes. They get to learn new skills, make friends and have tons of fun. Plus we’ve got something for everyone: boys, girls, teens… even toddlers. Sign up today and take your pick from our awesome goodies when you enroll.

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Lunch Ideas to Save the Day

Jennifer Hill, Macaroni Kid Fremont

As a mom to four and a child care provider of many over the years, I thoroughly enjoy feeding children healthy meals. I love seeing kids eat foods that are healthy and actually enjoying them. There are many ways to encourage healthy eating in our kids – of all ages – but today I am going to focus on lunch.

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Unlimited Virtual Classes, Just $50 Per Month

Pacific West Gymnastics TV (PWGTV), brings live, instructor-led classes in Gymnastics and Tumbling to the comfort of your home.

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Event Calendar & Special Dates

  • We are closed 9/6 for Labor Day

We will be updating our calendar when things are more back to normal. In the meantime, check out our PWGTV subscriptions for online classes, exercises, fun learning, games and more. There are also a lot of online resources and events provided by our partner Macaroni kids–events and links are listed below.

Seasonal Camps

Enrollment is open for full-day and weekly camps at both locations. Schedules are subject to current state and federal regulations. Please stay tuned for updates.

Our Seasonal & Summer Camps are fun filled with high energy and structured activities, including–gymnastics, arts and crafts, group games and more!

For locations and details, visit

News & Events Around Town

News & Events around town is brought you by Macaroni Kid Fremont.

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