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Preschool & Toddler Dance

Twinkle Toes Dance Classes

Our preschool program includes Twinkle Toes classes.

Twinkle Toes serves as an introduction to dance and includes a variety of ballet and tap terminology.

Our annual dance recital – Stars Dance Showcase, will feature all of the exciting preschool dance movements that your child has learned throughout the year. No experience is necessary, just a desire to try something new and fun!

Enroll your child in two classes and save 10%!

Preschool Dance & Toddler Dance
Overview with Ages

Twinkle Toes (3-5 yrs)

Related Gymnastic Classes

Glow Worms (Walking to 3 yrs) | Inch Worms (3-4.5 yrs) | Squiggle Worms (4.5-5.5 yrs)



Twinkle Toes Preschool Dance (3-5 years)

In this positive and structured class, dancers will improve listening skills, learn basic fundamental dance steps and will be exposed to a variety of ballet and tap terminology. Most importantly, dancers in this class will begin to foster and develop a passion for dance!

Locations: Union City
Age: 3-5.5 years
Class length: 40 min
Monthly class fee:

  • Attend 1x per week: $70.00
  • Attend 2x per week, save 10%: $133.00

Dress Code: Girls: Leotard with Tights, Black Mary Jane Style Tap Shoes and Pink Ballet Shoes. Optional: Tutu or Skirt. Boys: White T-Shirt, Black Sweat Pants, Black lace up Tap Shoes and Black Ballet Shoes.

Twinkle Toes students save 10% when they also enroll in Gymnastics Classes.

Dance Program Overview with Ages

Preschool & Toddler Dance:
Twinkle Toes (3-5 yrs)Hippity Hop (4-5 yrs)

Dance Types:
Tap Dance (6+ yrs) | Ballet Dance (6+ yrs) | Jazz Dance (6+ yrs) |  Hip Hop (6+ yrs)

Advanced Dance:
Performance Dance (6+ yrs)