Lyrical Dance Class

Learn the Fundamentals & Styles of Lyrical Dance

jazz dance class

Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance.

Locations Offered: Union City
Age:  7+ Years
Class length: 55 min
Monthly class fee:  $82.50 – Attend 1x per week, $156.75 – Attend 2x per week
Dress Code: Girls: Black Leotard, Ballet Pink or Tan Tights, Black Leggings or Fitted Shorts and Black Jazz Shoes. Boys: White T-Shirt, Black Sweat Pants and Black Jazz Shoes.

Dance Program Overview with Ages

Preschool & Toddler Dance:
Twinkle Toes (3-5 yrs)Hippity Hop (4-6 yrs)Performance Dance (3+ yrs)

Dance Types:
Tap Dance (6+ yrs) | Ballet Dance (6+ yrs) | Jazz Dance (6+ yrs)Lyrical Dance (6+ yrs) |  Hip Hop (7+ yrs)

Advanced Dance:
Performance Dance (7+ yrs)