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Jazz Dance Class

Learn the Fundamentals & Styles of Jazz Dance

jazz dance class

Jazz dance is classified as a fusion of dance styles stared into one; jazz combines elements of tap and ballet in to fluid movements.  This genre of dance will teach your child the fundamentals and style of jazz dance.  This energetic and dynamic style will get your dancer moving to upbeat pop music.  Your dancer will learn combinations and choreographed dance routines.

Locations Offered: Union City
6+ years
Class length: 40 min
Monthly class fee:

  • Attend 1x per week: $70.00
  • Attend 2x per week, save 10%: $133.00

Dress Code: Girls: Black Leotard, Ballet Pink or Tan Tights, Black Leggings or Fitted Shorts and Black Jazz Shoes. Boys: White T-Shirt, Black Sweat Pants and Black Jazz Shoes.

Jazz Dance students save 10% when they also enroll in Girls GymnasticsBoys GymnasticsTumblingTae Kwon Do, or other Dance Classes.

Dance Program Overview with Ages

Preschool & Toddler Dance:
Mini Twirlers (4-5.5 yrs)

Dance Types:
Tap Dance (6+ yrs) | Ballet Dance (6+ yrs) |  Hip Hop (6+ yrs)