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The 3 Advantages of Preschool Gymnastics

The 3 Advantages of Preschool Gymnastics Enrolling your child in gymnastics lessons at any age boasts a myriad of benefits, but what about preschool gymnastics benefits? Gymnastics enables toddlers and preschoolers to develop crucial skills at an early age, preparing them to be successful later in life. Check out the advantages of preschool gymnastics: Sports…

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From Tumbling to Academic Success

Tumbling to Academic Success By Debra Em Wilson, M.A., Reading Specialist The more a child tumbles, climbs, creeps, and crawls, the more densely wired the brain becomes for academic success. Movement is the architect of a child’s brain. The two hemispheres of the brain are designed to constantly communicate with one another. The left side…

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Pacific West Gymnastics Wins 18 Area Awards!

Pacific West Gymnastics Wins 18 Area Awards Pacific West Gymnastics continued its string of award-winning years with 18 awards from three different Bay Area parent organizations in 2015. Pacific West’s Programs, ranging from Summer Camp to Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do to Gymnastics classes, were recognized by Parents’ Press, Bay Area Parent and Macaroni Kid.…

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The 9 Stages of Conditioning as Explained by Frozen

The 9 Stages of Conditioning as Explained by Frozen Posted by Anne Josephson on JAG Gym Blog When your coach posts the conditioning list for the day, here are the nine stages a gymnast goes through: 1. Shock 2. Disbelief 3. Hysteria 4. Outrage 5. Bargaining 6. Acceptance 7. Exhaustion 8. Working through and support…

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Gymnastics is the Answer!

Children in the United States are heavier and less active than ever.  First Lady Michelle Obama has even initiated a campaign against childhood obesity called “Let’s Move“.  They report that children between ages 8 and 18 spend an average of seven hours per day using television, computers, cell phones, video games and other entertainment media.…

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